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soulmate dry your eye...'cause soulmates never die
yeah the time has come today - i've become bored, i didn't like my lj name like i did before, so i look for a new name - you think i'm crazy? yeah you do, but what can i say? i have to do what my gut feel says^^ - i wanted to have a name which is kinda "profound" , sth which, at first sight is meaningless, but for me it has a meaning - you know?
hope you think i'm not too crazy or something...
yeah in the end after i spent a long time thinking and checking that nobady already has that name - my new lj name is >>> 22_8miles 
a short explanation: 22_8 miles is a reference to a szene between rory and jess from gilmore girls ( here the vid on you tube)
i'm a LIT with body and soul :P

so i'm quite saitisfied :)

22_8miles  22_8miles  22_8miles 

we're gonna meet eachother there *heee*

: happyhappy
soulmate dry your eye...'cause soulmates never die
yeaaah finally some real london pics :)
see them under the cut...

: groggygroggy
: death cab for cutie - I'll follow you into the dark
soulmate dry your eye...'cause soulmates never die
22 July 2007 @ 10:52 pm
k just a little update...i still haven't got the London pics, hopefully i'm gonna get a few tomorrow *fingers crossed*

a few icons aaaand after a long time i made a collage or wallpaper or whatever it is i made, feat. mer/der, yeah right the merder
i disregarded the two of them too long, but i just couldn't "think" of them, since the sadest tv show season finale ever *still crying*
it broke my shipper heart...
songtext: grace from kate havnevik - their song ;)

and one important thing - i have a brand new layout *yay* *jumps around^^* i want something with more color and yeah i'm quite satisfied with the result . and of course misa has to be my theme^^

soulmates_art soulmates_art soulmates_art

: curiouscurious
: the beatles - yesterday